Federal and State Criminal Defense

At The Mairs Law Firm in Jacksonville, Florida, our practice is focused on helping those accused or charged with criminal acts through these difficult, trying times by counseling them and effectively representing their interests in the legal arena. Our primary goals are to treat every client with respect, to give every client the attention they deserve, and to achieve the best possible outcome for every client.  Our expertise, experience, and integrity in the legal community has earned this firm a reputation as one of North Florida's premier criminal defense firms.

Our focus on criminal law extends to both state and federal courts in the North Florida area.   Whether the need for representation is prior to arrest or after an arrest, our firm is available to assist you.  Our goal is to respond quickly to your problem, help you understand the law as it relates to your situation, and aggressively defend you every step of the way.  We use over twenty years of legal experience in the area of criminal trial law to give you the most effective representation and counsel possible.

At The Mairs Law Firm, our clients come first.  By choosing The Mairs Law Firm to represent you, you are placing your trust in a Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer, who will use his compassion, expertise and experience to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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